Try Before You Buy

Before making any purchase we strongly recommend you take up the offer to first test drive the software using the trial version using the link found in the download page.

The trial version is identical to the registered version, providing a 55 day trial period in which to fully evaluate the software and during that trial period you are still entitled to the exact same levels of software support as a registered user.

Also make sure you using the latest version of the software as indicated by the version details found in the Help, About dialog.

Free Version

If you are looking for the free Zeus Lite version you need to go here.

Crash Challenge

We challenge you to crash Zeus and earn a free registration. Read more about this here.

Purchasing the Software

Registration of the Zeus IDE involves the purchase of an activation key and that purchase provides the user with a perpetual key, meaning the activation key will never expire and will continue to work forever with the version of Zeus IDE available at the time of purchase.

Registration also provides the user with one year's worth of free software upgrades, which equates to between one or two free upgrades.

Upgrading the Software

As the Zeus activation key provides between two and four free upgrades, depending on the age of the activation key, you may find the activation key already works with this latest Zeus release.

However, before attempting to run the latest version, it is very important to backup your current Zeus installation using the instructions found here.

Users running a much older version of Zeus can upgrade their activation key, however this will require the purchase of a new activation key, with these upgrades offered at a 45% discount off the full price.

If you wish to purchase an upgrade, e-mail us requesting a 45% discount upgrade coupon.

If you have any further questions regarding the purchase of this software feel free to e-mail us your questions.

Latest Version: Zeus 3.99a
Released: 27 th January 2023