The Crash and Speed Challenge

In this day an age of bigger slower, less stable IDEs we think it's time for a change of direction.

There's no excuse for software that gets slower, offers fewer features with each release, while serving up more bugs or continually crashing.

We also think Zeus is a fast, rock solid IDE that will not and does not crashes.

We're so confident of this we are prepared to stand by this claim by offering up a crash challenge.

It's simple. Be the first to find a way to crash the latest version of Zeus and we will give you a free Zeus registration.

Here are the rules:

  1. You must be running Zeus on a Microsoft supported version of Windows with the latest service packs installed.
  2. You must be running the latest version of the Zeus IDE software.
  3. You need to be an unregistered Zeus user. Being a registered Zeus user and reporting a crash does not count as those users automatically receive a free upgrade.
  4. You need to provide a full bug report so that the crash can be replicated at this end.
  5. The program must crash (i.e. you will need to provide the ZeusErr.dmp crash dump and ZeusErr.log files shown in the exception dialog).
  6. You must be the first person to report the bug.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This challenge does not include situations where Zeus crashes when it runs out of memory. For example the 32 bit version of Zeus can be easily crashed by just opening a 4 GByte file as it will run out of memory. Also opening super large files is not considered an issue only because Zeus is a programming editor, and does not claim to be a large file editor. Likewise sorting of a million line file or opening a workspace containing tens of thousand files could cause similar problems or renaming an exe file giving it a .cpp extension could easily cause problems for the syntax highlighter.

In other words only sensible, everyday editing or programming tasks will be considered as valid causes of a crash.

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Latest Version: Zeus 3.99b
Released: 29th January 2024