Below are just a few comments from every day users of the Zeus IDE software. We would also love to get your feedback.

Perrault Jean-Paul

Wow, Zeus is a kick ass programmer's editor. Awesome!

Kent Davey

I love your software. I've been using it for years and I use it nearly everyday. Thanks for doing such a good job with it.

Marc Carignan

Finally! A real programmer's editor!


I just wanted to say that being another one of the older generation of original BRIEF users and after having used Crisp and UltraEdit for years, I have finally found an editor that takes me back to my happy BRIEF days - Zeus beats them all!


As a 20 year 'Brief editor' user, I must admit that it was great but with this product, you have eclipsed it by far. Good job...

Mac McDonald

I think the highest praise that you can give an editor is that it is 'comfortable' and Zeus is certainly that for me. My fingers just 'know' how to use it. I used Brief as long as it was available and when it was discontinued, I switched to Emacs with a Brief emulator that I tweaked until it was workable. That was fine as long as I was working in C++, Java, or Perl, but the jumble that is PHP/HTML really causes problems. I never thought that I could find an editor that would give me the mixture of Brief and Emacs commands that I know and love. Zeus did it!

John J Pearce

This is a terrific product. I thought I'd never give up Brief text editor even in a Windows environment. Now I've got the keyboard working the way I always needed it. My fingers and thoughts operate at the Mozart level instead of at a nursery rhyme level.

David Burgess

Let me take the opportunity to inform you how much I appreciate the editor, BRIEF lives! Thank you.

Mike Denney

Just purchased Zeus. The Brief text editor emulation is very good, thank you.

David Walls

The Brief text editor-compatible keystrokes are a blessing.

Dr. Dietrich Borchardt

It seems to be the perfect "Brief" under Windows!

Ian Holden

Zeus is the best general purpose programmer's editor I've come across!

Roger Horton

What a great editor! - Exactly what I was looking for. I've been working a great deal with a large program in an environment called UniVerse, and your editor is such a great tool that I wanted to again express my gratitude..

Daniel Eastham

I have been using your Zeus text editor for several weeks now and have just received a registered version. Since a programmer uses a text editor so much, it's important to be able to adequately evaluate a product before deciding to keep it. I think the trial approach for this type of software is ideal and I have decided that this is the best text editor for me (I evaluated about 10 of them). Zeus is now my standard editor.

Jim Wilson

Just downloaded a copy of your text editor Zeus. I must say, I'm rather impressed. It appears to be quite a program, with good speed and a lot of useful features. Nice job.

George Jamrok

Great Product! I've been using Brief for a long time and I like the improvements in Zeus.

Bob Koepke

We just downloaded the trial copy of Zeus editor - the user interface is excellent

Tim Shearer

You're editor is the best, a co-worker just looked over my shoulder and was real impressed by just a couple of simple things I did.

Paul Barton

I LOVE this editor! Until I fell across you guys Windows was a nasty step down. The evaluation copy was so much fun that I haven't gotten any real work done for playing with it.

Knut Arne Storeide

First, let me congratulate you with a most brilliant tool; it's the editor I always thought I had to make myself, but here I finally find an editor that has solid project management, supports different languages and compilers, incredible flexibility, is keyboard-centric and has endless possibilities for user customization. I especially like the smart templates and the possibility to script in a variety of languages.

Jeffrey Bakke

Beautifully written editor. Blows away Codewright, JCreator, SlickEdit and others I've tried. Fast, simple, powerful.. keep up the good work.

Walt Niccoli

I've been enjoying your program for quite some time now and have found it a much better editor than even Brief (never thought I'd be saying that).

Rick Edwards

Great product! I was having serious Brief withdrawal symptoms before I ran across Zeus.

Julio Carlos Sanchez Ortega

Wow!!! This is a great programmer tool, the best windows editor!!!

Mitch Altman (of TV-B-Gone fame)

I love Zeus! I've used version 2.6 for years, and I'm finally upgrading.

Trevor Lea

I just want to drop a line to say, "Zeus Rocks!" I have been on a quest for a good, low cost editor to replace CodeWright and some of our aging IDEs. What I found was a GREAT, low cost editor that does everything I need it to without being bloated with pointless features. Excellent job!

Dr William Valdar

Zeus is the first piece of pay software I've ever considered worth buying online and I now do all my windows development using it.

Kai Griffin

I'm a 'refugee' from Borland C++ Builder's IDE, which crashes at the drop of a hat with projects that reach a certain size. I've tried a few different alternatives, and downloaded Zeus yesterday. I didn't need 45 days to evaluate it! Just 24 hours told me it was exactly what I needed for most of my work, meaning I only need to enter Borland's IDE for form design and debugging.

Steve Feldner

I wanted to tell you that the new version is FANTASTIC! You've outdone your self!

Rick Landini

I have been using Zeus for years. I love this editor.

Mark Gottlieb

Here is a copy of the email my engineer sent me concerning buying one of your programs. I thought it was so classic - that you might like to use it somehow.


For the past several months I have been using a trial version of a programmer's editor called Zeus. Ivan Topolov has also been using it. It is definitely the best thing for programmer's since Jolt (a highly caffeinated drink).

I can no longer imagine being able to work effectively without it. It can be set up for any programming language and one can have any number of files on the screen at once and cut and paste between them.

The problem is that it has a 45 day expiration unless registered. The 45 days ran out today, and there is nothing I can do to make it run.

Could you please authorize a purchase order to allow me to purchase the license on line? Either send your card number or I will use mine and submit it in my expense report.

Thanks, Dave.

David Albert

I can't go back to the other limited function freeware editors I was using before Zeus.

Mark Chamberlain

Superb product by the way. I used to use QEdit back in the DOS 3.2 days, and this is the first editor (save that, PC program generally!) that I love as much.

Bruce B. Buckley

I happened to find the Zeus editor listed on www.python.org, and after briefly evaluating most of the others, I purchased Zeus for my new software development efforts with Python.... the more I use Zeus the better I like it.

Steve Pavarno

I work from home on a complex web site in PHP with lots of small classes each stored in their own file. The only access to the development server is by FTP and HTTP, so the "Open URL" in Zeus is awesome.

Carleton Croft

Being a Clipper programmer for 15 years, I am delighted to have found Zeus after looking at and test driving many other products.

Roger Horton

I've been working a great deal with a large program in an environment called UniVerse, and your editor is such a great tool that I wanted to again express my gratitude.

Yvan Carrier

I installed CS-RCS, awesome! I used to work with a command prompt RCSDOS (a GNU-RCS build) which is great, but to have Zeus take charge of my revisions is near heaven for me.

Kevin Wittmer

Back in 1998 I was living in Arizona and doing a little programming on the side. I came across Zeus and liked it so much I bought the tool. I used for about a two years before moving to IDE-based tools. In the last four months I have returned to the Zeus, version 3.7, and really enjoyed the improvements.

Steve Pavarno

Love this editor: pasted 5400 lines from an email, deleted the first 20 columns of text, trimmed off the top and bottom and saved it to our web server all in about 30 seconds. It would have taken forever with Visual Notepad...

Mike Wynn

I'm very pleased with Zeus 3.50 I had been using Zeus 2.60 since it was released, as I found it to be the best Java editor at that time, IMHO it still is.

Steve Pavarno

Thanks for creating such a useful tool. The Brief text editor emulation is very good.

Alan Stewart

I want to thank you for all the work you've done in creating Zeus. I tried Codewright, I tried Zeus, and I tried CRiSPY. Zeus was the one that I spent any time with, easily customizing it to behave the way I wanted it too. I'm having a great time, having fun just checking everything out in Zeus! Thanks!

Nelson Stanley

I have used the Brief text editor off and on for the last ten years, and using Zeus is like visiting an old friend (only better looking!). This is undoubtedly the most productive tool I have ever used bar none!

William Yuknis

I program in a variety of languages, and I always use Zeus because it's quick and simple. I love the powerful macro feature, often I do repetitive tasks and the macro feature saves wear and tear on my wrists.

Dave Phelps

I purchased your Zeus editor a few weeks ago and am most favourably impressed. I plan to replace the Brief text editor with it and make it my standard editor. Well done!

Michael D. Bartman

This is the first editor I've found for NT that has the power to match what I get with TPU on my VMS system at work.

John Patrick Lestrade

WOW! I have been a devoted qedit user for many years. However, I am very impressed with Zeus and I will switch in the very near future.

Storm Shearon

Thank you very much for creating Zeus. This is my first update since I purchased a version several years ago. The product is great and I use it most every day.

Shane Powell

I have been using Zeus for about two weeks now and I must say it's one of the best editors I've seen.

Cherno Jagne

First of all may I say that I've been evaluating your Zeus editor and I just cannot describe how useful I've found it! It can do pretty much anything I would want in a programming text editor.

Joel Richards

When one finds a product as good as Zeus, it is hard not to support it :-) Seeing as how I'm a C++, Java, Oracle, etc. programmer, there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not using it! Keep up the great work!

William J. Blackmon

Just ordered my copy. My search is over. You've obviously checked out your competition and included all the best features from each. Very robust and complete. Thank you!

Alex Shtol

You have made a great product! For a long time I have been trying to find a GOOD programmer's text editor, and now I can say - THIS IS THE BEST!

Stephen Swearingen

I really love this program!

Scott Boskovich

First let me start by saying that yesterday I downloaded the Zeus Editor and am very impressed. So far I have 'played' with it for about three hours and consider it to be above par with most IDE's available.

Joerg Blattner

I've downloaded and tested the trial-version of Zeus. It's the best programmer's editor I've ever seen. That's exactly what I'm looking for since I changed from DOS to Win NT. I'm using it for programming of Micro-controllers in Assembler and for Visual C++.

Larry Cuba

Congratulations on Zeus. It's a great (Python) editor. Just what I needed.

Lizette Padron

You have a real 'snappy' editor!

Dave Doran

I want to congratulate you on creating such a smooth product. There are very few utilities that I consider worth registering but every so often, a little gem like this comes along.

Simon Hunter

I have been trying out your Zeus programming editor and it is excellent.

David Frantz

By the way, I would like to take this chance to thank you for an excellent product.

Sean F. Becket

Although I will not use your software's more robust C and C++ features for debugging and solving problems, I still love it because of the advanced features seldom found on this platform that allow ALL programmer's (even those of SQL and PL/SQL) to ease and speed their work. Thank you again for a great product.

Steve Dinn

I'd like to say that I think Zeus is a great product. I program in Java and I haven't been able to find an editor that I was happy with until I downloaded the share ware version of Zeus. I found that I easily configured it for HTML editing as well.

Rachel Griffith

I've recently purchased your Zeus editor, which I think is fantastic.

Frank Rehill

Thank you for your excellent work. I have been using the Brief text editor in DOS and recently found Zeus----great; thanks for the continuity.

Anders Rehnvall

I've been using Zeus as my main source-code editor every day for quite a while now, and I'm very happy with it. You've done a great job !

Fred Petersen

I thought I'd drop a note to let you know that I love your Zeus editor. It fits exactly what I'm working on and will make things a lot easier. I've included a keyword file for the VERILOG language, which is what I am using it for.


I've just downloaded Zeus at ZDNet's hotfiles.com and so far I like it. This is a text editor made with the programmer in mind and not just another cute notepad replacement with toolbars.

John Mattison

I would like to place on record that I have been very pleased with your editor as I am a programmer who has decided to eventually move into the 20th century and stop using my very very very very very old version of WordStar to edit my programs. I spent a fair amount of time looking at editors on the Internet and most of them don't even come close to yours. Well Done.

Martin Head

I am most impressed with Zeus and have been using it as my only Editor since getting the demo copy.

Gary Shay

I recently registered my version of Zeus and find it to be exceedingly useful. Until we found it, our development was done using the standard DOS editor or Windows Notepad, both of which are as unfriendly as one can get. Your product has made writing code mechanically much easier for me.

LeBlanc, Sean

It's been a while now that we've been using this product as registered users, and I must say, it's great! Sure beats the other options we had, which really weren't options. Keep up the good work...


Your's is the best programmer's editor I've ever used. Thanks for your efforts!


Zeus is our editorial pick! We are impressed by the quality and cleanliness of the current version.

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