Below are a few screenshots showing Zeus in action.

Light and Dark Modes

The IDE supports Windows light and dark modes.


It is not only very easy to change the color theme, it is also possible to set up a different color theme for different file types.

Compilers and Builders

With Tool, Macro, Compiler and Project command line options, Zeus provides many ways to configure compile and build commands. Once configured these commands can be run and their output captured all from within the IDE and from that captured output, clicking on the line in question will navigate the user to correct file and line number location for either errors or warnings.

Class Workspace

Drives Panel

Drives Panel

The Drives panel allows single or multiple files to be loaded from the file system from within the IDE.

Workspace Panel

Workspace Panel

The Workspace panel allows files to be grouped into projects and folders and is central to working with Zeus for several reasons.

Firstly, switching between workspaces is quick and easy and it is also possible to run multiple instances of Zeus, each running a different workspace. It is also possible to attach release and debug build commands to each of the projects of the workspace, allowing these projects to be built from inside the IDE.

Zeus will also automatically create ctags information for every file in the workspace and that information is used by the Class Browser and Functions panels and to drive the code navigation and code completion features.

Finally, Zeus comes with macros designed to make it easy to locate and load files within the workspace and to limit the scope of text searches to just the files found in the workspace.

Class Browser Panel

Class Browser Panel

The Class Browser panel is a graphical representation of the ctags information attached to the workspace.

Zeus automatically maintains ctags information for all files contained in the workspace and the Class Browser panel provides a mechanism to navigate that ctags information.

Functions Panel

Functions Panel

The Functions panel displays a list of the functions found in the currently active document.

If the file is part of the workspace then the functions list will be populated using the ctags information for that file.

If the file is not part of the workspace then the functions list will be populated using the functions regular expression defined for that document type.

Latest Version: Zeus 3.99b
Released: 29th January 2024