Below is a compiled list of some of the more frequently asked questions regarding the Zeus IDE. There is a good chance that your question and corresponding answer will be listed here.

Where can I get more information?

If you have a question that is not list here, feel free to post a question to the Zeus forum, or alternatively send us an e-mail.

Are there any tutorials on how to setup Zeus?

Lots of examples on how to configure Zeus can be found here.

Are there any tutorials on how to write Zeus macros?

Lots of scripting examples can be found here.

Can Zeus cut, copy and paste rectangular columns of text?

Yes, Zeus can cut, copy and paste columns, blocks and lines of text.

Does Zeus support keyword highlighting for other languages?

Yes, use the Options | Properties menu item or the right mouse click and goto the keywords section.

Does Zeus support other compilers?

Yes, use the Options | Properties menu item or the right mouse click and goto the compiler section.

Can I do search a replace on end of line feed characters?

Yes, Zeus can do a search and replace on the '\n' line feed character.

Does Zeus have a macro script language?

Yes, Zeus offers a Java Script, Python, Lua, VB Script and Small C as the scripting language.

It can also be configured to use any WSH based scripting language.

Can Zeus do code folding?

Yes, Zeus does do code folding and it also does indent highlighting and indent matching.

Can Zeus read UNIX files, can I change the tab space, can ... etc?

Yes, refer to the Options | Editor Options menu item.

Does Zeus handle UTF-8 files?

Yes, Zeus can handle UTF-8 and Unicode files.

Can I use a regular expression search and replace?

Yes, Zeus allows regular expression search and replace. Note that Zeus uses a UNIX style regular expression, which is different to the regular expression style used in the original Brief.

Can I do search and replace over multiple files in multiple directories?

Yes, Zeus can do a search and replace within the currently document or within all currently open documents.

Does Zeus emulation the Brief text 100%?

Not exactly. Zeus tries to emulation of as many aspects of the original Brief text editor as possible and in fact many old time Brief users prefer Zeus over the Brief editor :)

Can I run Zeus from the command line?

Yes, Zeus does support command line arguments.

What is the maximum line length?

There is no limit on the maximum line length.

Does Zeus support the Brief text macro language?

No, Zeus does not support the Brief macro scripting language. The macro scripting languages provided by Zeus include Python, Lua, Java Script, VB Script and TCL but none of these are compatible with the Brief macro language.

Is it possible to use non-fixed fonts?

No, Zeus only supports mono-spaced fonts. There are no plans for this to change.

Does Zeus support the EMACS keymap?

Yes, Zeus does have an EMACS keyboard emulation mapping. Zeus will also emulate the Brief, Epsilon, Wordstar and Visual Studio keyboard mappings and the keyboard mapping is fully user configurable.

Does Zeus support the Vi keymap?

No, Zeus does not support Vi keyboard mapping. Unfortunately Vi uses a very different type of keyboard handling mechanism, which makes it a very hard editor to emulate :(

Does the registered version of Zeus come with any printed documentation?

No, the Zeus user manual for both the trial and registered versions of Zeus is provided in electronic format only. There are no printed versions of the electronic help file.

Latest Version: Zeus 3.99b
Released: 29th January 2024