The Zeus Lite editor is a free version of the Zeus IDE.

While the lite version is still a very good programmer's editor with many good programming features, for a more powerful, more feature packed programmer's editor the Zeus IDE is by far the better option.

However, this Zeus Lite editor is still a fully functional piece of software that functions without any form of user nagging and it will continue to run indefinitely.

So if you are looking for a good programmer's editor for the Windows environment then it may well be worth your while taking it for a test drive.

Main Window


Below are some of the features found in the Zeus Lite editor:

  • Being a native executable means a fast and response editing environment
  • Seamless FTP file editing
  • Syntax highlighting for C\C++, Clipper, Cobol, Fortran, Java, Pascal, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL etc
  • Compilers and builders run as background tasks allowing you to keep typing
  • Perfect development environment for CS50, EDX and MOOC training courses
  • Fully Scriptable using the Lua, Python, SmallC, VB Script, Java Script languages
  • Column, block and stream marking modes using both keyboard or mouse
  • Search and replace, including support for regular expressions
  • Brief, WordStar, Epsilon and Emacs keyboard maps provided
  • Keyboard mappings are fully configurable
  • Syntax highlighting is based on file extension and is fully configurable
  • Code templates
  • Keyboard macros recording, saving and playback
  • Support for third party tools
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • In-editor, in-line error location and correction
  • Quick Help searches any number of help files for a specific keyword
  • Standard status bar, tool bar, tab bar and navigation bar features
  • Fast load time and small disk space requirements
  • File Manager associations and drag and drop
  • Supports both MS-DOS and UNIX file formats
  • Supports for UNC and long file names
  • MS-DOS OEM text translation is also supported
  • Built in spell checker
  • Split window allows you to create two views of the same document
  • Line number and bookmarks navigation
  • Perfect Notepad replacement

Latest Version: Zeus Lite
Released: 29th July 2020