Microsoft Python LSP Configuration

The details below describe how to install and configure the Microsoft Python language server found here.
NOTE: This installation process assumes a full version of Python has been installed on the machine.
In addition .Net Core is required to build the language server. The Windows version of the .Net Core installer can be found here.

Building the Language Server

To build the language servel perform the following steps:
Open a command line prompt and clone the repository by running the following commands:
        cd \projects
        git clone
To check the .Net Core is correctly installed run the following command:
        c:\projects>dotnet --version
This should result in output similar to this:
To build the language server run the following commands:
        cd c:\projects\python-language-server
        dotnet build
This should create the following binary file:


Edit the Python document type and in the Language Server configuration panel apply the following configuration settings:
Program Type: Executable
     Program: dotnet.exe
   Directory: c:\Projects\python-language-server\output\bin\Release
   Arguments: exec
     Options: {"initializationOptions":{"interpreter":{"properties":{"UseDefaultDatabase": true, "Version": "3.7"}}}}
Change Python version details found in the the Options to suit.

Using the Language Server

To test the configuration create a simple file and fire off an auto-complete request:
lsp python

Latest Version: Zeus 3.98y
Released: 11th March 2021