The details below describe how to install and configure the LuaHelper language server with more details regarding this language server found here.

Installing the Language Server

Using the download raw file button found on the right-hand side of this location in that repository, download the the lualsp.exe file.
In this case that file was downloaded and copied to the folder location shown below:
   Directory of D:\Utilities\LSP\Lua

 25/01/2024  10:28 PM        10,234,880 lualsp.exe
                1 File(s)     10,234,880 bytes
                2 Dir(s)  279,131,869,184 bytes free
With the software installed test the installation by running D:\Utilities\LSP\Lua\lualsp.exe --help at the command line prompt which should result in the following output:
Usage of D:\Utilities\LSP\Lua\lualsp.exe:
  -localpath string
        local project path
  -logflag int
        0 is not open log, 1 is open log
  -mode int
        mode type, 0 is run cmd, 1 is local rpc, 2 is socket rpc


Start Zeus and use the Options, Document Types menu to edit the Lua document type and in the Language Server panel apply the following configuration settings:
Program Type: Executable
     Program: D:\Utilities\LSP\Lua\lualsp.exe
   Arguments: -mode 1
NOTE: The directory details of the executable can be omitted provided the executable installation folder has been added to the system PATH environment variable.

Using the Language Server

To test the configuration create a simple test.lua file and fire off a keyboard auto-complete request:

Latest Version: Zeus 3.99b
Released: 29th January 2024