Zeus is a language neutral programmer's IDE for the Windows platform.

It has many general programming features like automatic ctags generation, automatic code indenting, code folding, code completion and the more recent Zeus releases have added many Python specific features.

For example, Zeus interfaces with Jedi to provide Python auto-completion and code navigation, it interfaces with autopep8 to do Python code formatting and the Zeus Compiler feature can be used to syntax check the Python code.

The latest Zeus release also allows the Python REPL to be run from inside the IDE.

Finally, Zeus is fully scriptable and those Zeus scripts can be written using Python.


Python Autocomplete

Zeus integrates with Jedi to provide Python auto-completion and code navigation.

Python Autocomplete

Python REPL

It is possible to run the Python REPL from inside Zeus.

Python REPL

Latest Version: Zeus 3.99b
Released: 29th January 2024