Zeus is a language neutral programmer's IDE for the Windows platform.

It has general language features like automatic brace insertion, code indenting, code folding, code completion and more recent Zeus releases have added many Go specific features.

For example, the ctags feature now supports Go meaning the goto definition and goto declaration features now work with Go code.

The latest release also comes with many Zeus macros allowing the IDE to better work with Go tools like gocode for auto-complete, documentation and code navigation and tools like gofmt, goimports for automatic code formating.

There are also macros for Go Guru, fix, vet, gorename and gobuild.

Finally, Zeus also works with the Delve debugger.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Zeus to work with Go it is assumed Go has been installed on the machine. For details on how to setup Go refer to this tutorial.

Gocode Image


Find below a few short videos showing Zeus in action.

Go Zeus Macros

The default Zeus installation comes with several macro scripts designed to improve support for the Go language.

NOTE: For historical reason the links below contain Zeus macro code, but there is no need to copy this code as these scripts are now provided automatically as part of the installation process.

Automatic gofmt

To have Zeus automatically run gofmt each time the file is saved refer to this macro.

Automatic goimports

The goimports utility is a drop in replacement for gofmt, but it will also add and/or remove imports as needed by the code and the Go compiler.

To have Zeus automatically run the goimports each time the file is saved refer to this macro.

Autocomplete using gocode

To use the gocode utility for autocomplete, refer to this macro. A video showing how it works can be found here.

Autocomplete for Google App Engine

To get the autocomplete to work with the Google App Engine follow the instructions found here.

Checking for Code Correctness

To have Zeus automatically run gofmt, goimports, golint, go vet and go build each time the file is saved refer to this macro.

Delve Debugger

Zeus works with the Delve debugger with more details found here.

Go Location

This macro will try to location the folder location for the import package found on the current line. More details can be found here.

Other Scripting Examples

Many more general purpose scripting examples can be found here.

Latest Version: Zeus 3.98z
Released: 13 th July 2022