Agent Git is an implementation of the Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI) and is designed to allow Git to work with any IDE supporting the MSSCCI.

Below are the details on how to configure Agent Git to work with various IDEs supporting this interface.


  • Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use
  • Lives side by side with TortoiseGit
  • Add solutions, projects and files to Git from within the IDE
  • Check out, check in, get latest version without leaving the IDE
  • Manage Git repository using drag and drop inside the IDE
  • The option of automatic file locking on check out
  • View file differences, file status and file history from within the IDE
  • The perfect Visual Source Safe (VSS) replacement
  • Can be configured to work with any version of Git
  • Can use an external difference tool to view file differences
  • Tested with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • Tested with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  • Tested with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  • Tested with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2014
  • Tested with PowerBuilder 2017 (Appeon)
  • Tested with the Zeus IDE
  • Should work with any other MSSCCI complaint IDE (i.e. MathLab etc.)
  • ...all this and more
Visual Studio 2015


Below are some videos showing Agent Git in action:

Latest Version: Agent Git 1.31
Released: 15th February 2018