Visual Studio 2013

The Agent SVN plug-in allows you to seamlessly integrate Visual Studio 2013 with Subversion.

Features of the plug-in include:

  • Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use
  • Add solutions, projects and files to Subversion, all from within the IDE
  • Check out, check in, get latest version all without leaving the IDE
  • Revert file changes from within the IDE
  • Provides the option of automatic file locking on check out and unlocking on check in
  • View file differences, file status and file history from within the IDE
  • The power of Subversion with the feel of Visual Source Safe
  • Can use an external difference tool to view file differences

The Visual Studio 2013 configuration is identical to that of Visual Studio 2008.

Visual Studio 2013


Below is a video showing Visual Studio, Agent SVN and Subversion in action:

Accessing Subversion

Once the Agent SVN plug-in has been configured to work with Visual Studio 2013, the plug-in allows you to manage your Subversion project from inside the IDE:


Latest Version: Agent SVN 2.75
Released: 9th April 2023