Zeus + dfmt

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Zeus + dfmt

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The dfmt utility is code formatter for the D language and it's possible to configure Zeus to run gofmt each time the file is saved.

To make this work perform the following steps:

1: The first thing you need to do is build dfmt and add the resulting executable to the to the Zeus install folder.

The dfmt code found here: https://github.com/Hackerpilot/dfmt

2: Install the script found here.

That link contains details on how to install the script.

3: Use the Options, Document Types menu and edit the D Document Type and in the Triggers section add the d_dfmt.lua macro saved from the previous step to the File Save Postfix trigger field.

So How Does it Work?
The Zeus file save trigger allows a macro to be attached to any file save event and in this case the d_dfmt.lua macro is configured to fire whenever the file is saved.

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