Setting up Intellisense for Dart

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Setting up Intellisense for Dart

Post by jussij » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:55 am

To setup the Dart intellisense and class browsing do the following.

Locate this file:

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C:\Users\<your user ID>\AppData\Roaming\Xidicone\xtags\xtags.ini
Add the Dart file extension to the ctags language map as shown below:

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Arguments=--c-types=+fp --excmd=p --fields=+afmikKlnsSz --sort=no --langmap=Java:+.dart
Now assuming the Dart SDK has been installed in this location:

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1) Start Zeus

2) Use the Workspace, New menu to create a new workspace

3) Type in these details:

Workspace Name: Dart Core
Workspace Directory: C:\dart\dart-sdk\lib

4) Click the Workspace Builder option

5) Type in these details:

File extension: *.dart
Unclick: Create a workspace containing multiple projects

6) Click on the Search option, then click on the Save option, then click on the Close option.

7) Back in the Workspace dialog click on the load option.

This will have created Dart Core tags database.

To bind this to the Dart document type do the following:

1) Use the Options, Document Types menu to edit the Dart document type.

2) In the Tags Database section select the dart core.zdb and add it to the document type.

3) Apply the changes.

To test the above configuration create a new dart file and type in the following code:

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You should see the intellisense displayed for the HttpServer object.

Cheers Jussi

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