text document in new context menu

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omer kircher
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text document in new context menu

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I recently got a new machine, Windows 8, and a new version (ze32v397o) of Zeus, so I hope I have this straight.

When I install or uninstall Zeus, the following change is made in the registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.txt default value is cleared.

This removes "Text document" from the "New" context menus.

That seems like a bug to me. :(

After a whole lot of looking around, I find that "Text document" in the "New" context menus can be restored by setting the previously mentioned default value to "txtfile".

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Post by jussij »

This removes "Text document" from the "New" context menus.
The Zeus installer has an option to associate with txt files and if this option is selected this registry entry modified with it's default value of that key is being set as the ZeusDocument document class:

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So I'm assuming that when you ran the Zeus installer you selected this Zeus txt file association.
That seems like a bug to me.
What has gone wrong is because the ZeusDocument does have not a default value, Explorer does not add it to the New menu.

So one way to fix this is, as you point out, use the Windows txtfile document class.

Another way to fix this is to find the Zeus document class key:

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and set the default value for this key to be:

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Text Document
With a default value, Explorer now adds the item to the New menu.

Cheers Jussi
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