Integrated iSql Support

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Integrated iSql Support

Post by jussij » Tue Sep 13, 2005 6:23 am

The following macro make it possible to execute any SQL query directly from within the Zeus editor.

The macro takes the currrently selected text, writes it to the zeus_sql.tmp temp file, executes the file using iSql.exe and captures the resulting output to a Zeus tool window.


Code: Select all

--        Name: SQL Macro
--      Author: Jussi Jumppanen
--    Language: Lua Macro
-- Description: A simple Lua macro that takes the currently selected
--              text, saves it to the c:\temp\zeus_sql.tmp file, runs
--              it through the isql.exe utility and displays the result
--              of the query in an SQL window.
--  How To Run: Save to sql.lua in the zScript directory.
--              All Zeus macros can be run using the macro execute menu
--              item or they can be bound to the keyboard or can be
--              attached to the macro drop down or popup menus.

function key_macro()
  -- see if we have any marking
  marked = is_marked()


  if (marked == 0) then
    -- macro needs some marked text so select the entire file

  -- get the marked text
  local sql_text = "SET NOCOUNT ON\n" .. macro_tag("$M")

  if (marked == 0) then
    -- remove the mark that was added

  -- file to contain the selected sql command
  local file_name = "d:\\temp\\zeus_sql.tmp"

  -- open the temp file in binary write mode
  local file_out =, "w+b")

  if file_out ~= nil then
    -- write the text to file

    -- get the server and database details
    local server   = get_global_string("SERVER_NAME", true)
    local database = get_global_string("DATABASE_NAME", true)

    -- ask for a user to check the details
    server, database = user_input("Server Name:", server, "Database Name:", database)

    if (string.len(server) == 0) and (string.len(database) == 0) then
        message("Operation cancelled by user.")
        return 1

    if (string.len(server) == 0) then
        message("No Server was specified!")
        return 1

    if (string.len(database) == 0) then
        message("No Database was specified!")
        return 1

    set_global_string("SERVER_NAME", server, true)
    set_global_string("DATABASE_NAME", database, true)

    -- start to build up the command line options
    local cmd_options = "-S " .. server .." -d ".. database .. " -E -w 10000 -n"

    -- build up the command line
    local command = "isql.exe" .. " " ..  cmd_options .. " -i " .. file_name

    -- build a title for the tool
    local title    = "iSql [" .. server .. ":" .. database .. "]"

    -- command options: capture output
    local flags = 2

    -- run command which should display a DOS window
    if system(command , 0, flags, title) ~= 0 then
      -- failed to run tool
      message_box(1, "Error running the command line:\n\n" .. command)
    -- failed to create file
    message_box(1, "Error creating the '" .. file_name .. "' file.")



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