Intellisensing for the C# an Mono Languages

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Intellisensing for the C# an Mono Languages

Post by jussij » Fri Aug 26, 2005 12:26 am

Note: The latest version of Zeus IDE adds an option to create a tags database directly from the assembly ;)

By using the .Net Database Builder utility it is possible to add intellisensing for C# and Mono languages.

Here is how it is done:
  1. Select the Tags, .Net Database Builder menu.
  2. Type in a Database Name
  3. Select the assemblies to be added to the Tags database
  4. Hit the Create button to build the Tags database
  5. NOTE: The tags build process can take quite a while
Once the tags database build is complete, edit the C# document type and add the newly created tags database to the Tags Section of the document type.

For example, assume the C# Core tags database is created by adding the mscorlib, System assemblies using the process described ablove.

After the C# Core is bound to the C# document type the following code should result in the display of intellisense information for the String class.

Code: Select all

String test;
Note: To go to the definition of String, place the cursor on the word and use the Tags, Find current word menu.

Note: To search for any C# definition use the Tags, Find... menu to bring up the Search Tag dialog.
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