Intellisensing for MFC or wxWidgets

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Intellisensing for MFC or wxWidgets

Post by jussij » Tue Jul 05, 2005 12:10 pm

The Zeus Tags Database Builder utility makes it possible configure tag searching and intellisensing for libraries like MFC, wxWidgets or any other third party library. All that is required to achieve this are the include files for the library.

Configuring MFC Intellisensing
Consider the steps required to create a tags database for the Microsoft MFC library:
  1. Use the Tags, Database Builder menu to start the builder utility
  2. Give the database a name for example something like MFC Library
  3. Specify the file types to be added to the database and for this example we want the *.h include files
  4. Use the Browse button to find the MFC include directory which
    for example might be something like c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\MFC\Include
  5. Use the Search button to locate the *.h include files
  6. Use the Build button to create the tags database file
One thing worth noting is only the .h files where added to the tags database. In most cases the .h files provide all the details required and adding the implementation details contained in the .cpp files adds nothing but size to the resulting tags database.

But naturally if a situation exists where implementation details are also required for tagging, then the .cpp files should also be added to the database.

All that remains is to integrate the newly created database into the Zeus editor as follows:
  1. Use the Options, Document Types menu to edit the C++ Document Type
  2. Switch to the tags section of the Document Type
  3. Add the MFC Library to the list of tag database files
To test the database open a test.cpp file and type in the following code snippet:

Code: Select all

CString str;
If all has worked as planned, the . character should trigger the intellisensing, resulting in the popup list displaying the methods of the CString class.

It is also possible to search for the CString tag by place the cursor on the CString word and using the Tags, Find Current Word menu to initate the search. Alternatively, the tag search can also be performed using the F11 keyboard shortcut. The results of the search will get displayed in the tags search output window.

Configuring wxWidgets Intellisensing
For wxWidgets repeat the process outlined above, but this time point the tags builder utility to the wxWidgets include directory.

NOTE: If you find the intellisening does not work as described please refer to this related issue:
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