Configuring the D Language, Phobos-Tango Auto-Completion

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Configuring the D Language, Phobos-Tango Auto-Completion

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It is very easy to configure the Zeus IDE to auto-completion for the D programming language.

For example, assuming the DMD package is installed in the D:\dmd\ directory, here are the directions to configure auto-completion for the Phobos library.

Step #1: Create a Phobos Tag Database File
  1. Start the Zeus IDE
  2. Select the Tags, Database Builder menu
  3. Enter Phobos as the database name
  4. Enter *.d as the file extensions
  5. Enter D:\dmd\src\phobos as the source file directory
  6. Hit the Search button
  7. Hit the Build button
  8. Hit the Close button
Step #2: Attach the Phobos Tag Database File to the Document Type
  1. With the Zeus IDE running
  2. Select the Options, Document Types menu
  3. Select the D Document Types menu
  4. Change to the Tag Database panel
  5. Select the phobos.zbd item and hit the Add button
  6. Apply the changes
Step #3: Test the Phobos Tag Database File

With the Zeus IDE running open any D file and type in the following code:

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    Socket sock;

After entering sock. a list of the Socket methods and data items should be displayed.

Alternatively type in:

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and hit the Ctrl + Enter keys and a list of all functions and classes starting with Sock will be displayed.

Finally, by placing the cursor on the word Socket and using the Tags, Find Current Word menu it is also possible to navigate to the definition of the Socket class.

Step #4: Tango Auto-Complete
To add auto-completion for Tango just repeat these steps using the Tango source code.

Naturally the same approach can be used to add auto-completion for any other package for which the source code is available ;)

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Cheers Jussi
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