Zeus vs jEdit

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Zeus vs jEdit

Post by kleinfelter »

I'm looking for a new editor. Two of the top contenders are jEdit and Zeus. A big plus of Zeus is the standard Windows interface. However, jEdit (plus plugins) continues to introduce me to features I didn't know I needed until I saw them. For most of them, I've been able to figure out how to make Zeus do something similar.

One jEdit feature I'd like to emulate in Zeus is on-the-fly highlighting of parse errors in Ruby code. For example, if I have a file containing:

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if x == 42
    y = y + 1
jEdit will put a red line under the second end. It runs the Ruby parser when there's a 1 second (configurable interval) pause in keystrokes.

Is there a way to make Zeus do this?
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Post by jussij »

There is no option to make Zeus do this :(

Zeus tries very hard not to favour any one particular language and as such it leaves the syntax checking to the compiler :wink:

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