Agent SVN and Slowness with Power Builder

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Agent SVN and Slowness with Power Builder

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Because PowerBuilder by design creates individual objects, with object held individually in the version control, the performance of some project wide operations can be slow for projects containing many thousands of objects.

But there are also several fine tuning tips that can be used to greatly improve the performance for these large objects count PowerBuilder projects.

Agent SVN Configuration

Using the Agent SVN configuration tool make sure the Help debug the SVN with extra logging option is off and make sure the Cache the SVN status results options is on.

PowerBuilder Settings

There are several ways to configure PowerBuilder using the PB.INI settings file.

A full list of these configuration options can be found here: ... BCFGFH.htm

Some of the more important settings are described below.

Use the SccQueryInfoEx Option

PowerBuilder add the SccQueryInfoEx function to the MS-SCCI and it is designed to improve SCM performance. Agent SVN supports that API function.

To use that function refer to this link for more information: ... HDAGBB.htm

Use a Large SccMaxArraySize Value

On this link: ... HHJIGD.htm

There is this note:

PowerBuilder uses an array of object file names that it passes to a source control system in each of its SCC API requests. The SCC specification does not mention an upper limit to the number of files that can be passed in each request, but the default implementation in PowerBuilder limits SCC server requests to batches of 25 objects.

A PB.INI file setting allows you to override the 25-file limit on file names sent to the source control server in a batched request. You can make this change in the Library section of the PB.INI file by adding the following instruction: ... HDAGBB.htm


where nn is the number of files you want PowerBuilder to include in its SCC API batch calls. Like other settings in the PB.INI file, the SccMaxArraySize parameter is not case sensitive.

Since Agent SVN has no limits on the number of objects passed in at one time I would recommend setting this number in the thousands.
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