Auto-capitalize keywords

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Auto-capitalize keywords

Post by Endymion »

Many languages are case-sensitive. The most widely known example is C++. However, it requires a lower case, so no problem. Some old-school languages require Caps Lock. :( Is ZeusEdit able to improve the usability of such programming languages​​? It is desirable that the keywords are automatically converted to uppercase without any further action.
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Post by jussij »

Is ZeusEdit able to improve the usability of such programming languages???

With some user configuration this should already be possible ;)

But for this to work will require the user spend a few minutes doing some configuration.

For an example of what I mean do the following:

1) Select the Templates panel.
2) Select the SQL document type (top drop down).
3) Select the New File template option.
4) Ignore the contents of the resulting new file indicating the SQL document type is not properly set up.
5) Type in the SQL keywords if, select or create (i.e enter these keywords in lower case followed by the space bar) and see what happens.

Hint: In this case the Zeus Templates are doing the heavy lifting ;)

Cheers Jussi
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