Using the Console2 Inside of Zeus

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Using the Console2 Inside of Zeus

Post by jussij » Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:57 am

A simple macro to run the Console2 utility from inside of Zeus.

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#        Name: Console2 Lua Script
#      Author: Jussi Jumppanen
#    Language: Python Macro
# Description: This Lua script creates a new Console2 console window from
#              within the Zeus IDE. It will create the console in the same
#              drive and directory of the active file. It will also maintain
#              the current working directory.
import os
import zeus
import subprocess

def key_macro():

   # the installation folder for the Console.exe utility
   cmd = ["C:\\Workspace\\Zeus\\Console2\\Console.exe"]

   # add a caption to the window
   cmd.extend(["-w", "DOS Prompt"])

   # set the current working directory
   cwd = os.getcwd()
   cmd.extend(["-d", cwd])

   # the ditrectory of the active file
   directory = zeus.macro_tag("$FDD")

   if len(directory) > 0:
       # change to the directory of the active file

       # add in the directory options
       cmd.extend(["-d", directory])

       # the drive letter excluding the '\' character
       drive = zeus.macro_tag("$FDR")

       # change to the correct drive
       cmd.extend(["-r", "cmd.exe /k " + drive])

   # run the console executable

key_macro() # run the macro

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