User configurable folding?

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User configurable folding?

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Do you plan on making folding configurable by the user? Either via some preference options or via a plug-in API?

We end up creating a lot of little text formats in the course of our work, and I'd love to be able to quickly configure folding rules for it. One example is given below. Folding for "major headings" should start with the line of text above the "============="'s and end with the line above the text of the next set of "==============="'s. The number of equal signs should be equal to the length of text but it is not enforced. Any set of 4 or more equal signs constitutes a major heading. The same is true of other headings (---------- and ~~~~~~ and ++++++++, etc).
Lists should fold, paragraphs should fold, etc.

Thanks in advance,

This is a major heading

This is a paragraph. It is just text and text
and more text.

- Here is a list of item
- There are a number of items here
in this list that are of no use at all.
- Some list item have children
- This is a child
- This is another child
- This is not a child.

This is a minor heading

More text.

A tertiary heading

Yet more text.

Another minor heading

With more text.

- And a list
- The list has items.

The second major heading

That has more text.
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