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MSDN Quick Help

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:49 pm
by jussij
The Zeus Quick Help feature can be used to search and load pages from the MSDN all from within the IDE.

To configure this feature use the Options, Document Types menu, edit one of the Document Types listed and in the Quick Help panel, pick the MSDN Help item from the list of Help Filters and add it to the list of Installed Help Files.

If you now open a text file of the same Document Type, you can now place the cursor on the word and use the Help, Quick Help Current Word menu item to search for that word within the MSDN.

For example, placing the cursor on the GetLongPathName word within a text document and using the Help, Quick Help Current Word menu the following MSDN page is displayed:


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Additional Notes
The Quick Help can also be activated via the Alt+Q keyboard key combination.

If in the configuration step described above the Default Document Type is selected then MSDN Quick Help will be available to all files regardless of the file extension.