C# DotNetCore Development: Manually Stopping the Kestrel Server

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C# DotNetCore Development: Manually Stopping the Kestrel Server

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When developing for DotNetCore you'll be running a local server or service on a specific local port number, for example port 52895.

Sometimes when trying to restart your server/service you'll see this error message:
System.IO.IOException: Failed to bind to address address already in use.
This means is a previous debug session is still running and that process is locking the 52895 port and hence the reason the start debug request fails.

NOTE: Depending on your particular debug setup that 52895 port will vary.

An easy way to fix this is to kill each an every DotNet process using this command in a PowerShell command prompt:

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Get-Process -Name *dotnet* | Stop-Process
IMPORTANT: Before running any command from the internet make sure you understand what these commands do. In this case the command is killing all dotnet process which is perfectly acceptable for a development machine running, however running this command in a production environment would be totally acceptable.

Cheers Jussi
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