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Zeus FTP Connection to Azure

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 7:52 am
by jussij
In side the PowerShell console of the Azure account run this command:

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az webapp deployment list-publishing-profiles --resource-group <group> --name <name>
This command should result in output similar to this:

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  "SQLServerDBConnectionString": "",
  "controlPanelLink": "",
  "databases": null,
  "destinationAppUrl": "",
  "ftpPassiveMode": "True",
  "hostingProviderForumLink": "",
  "mySQLDBConnectionString": "",
  "profileName": "your_web_site - FTP",
  "publishMethod": "FTP",
  "publishUrl": "",
  "userName": "your_web_site\\$your_web_site",
  "userPWD": "2s5s67di5x6PX1E0cYJkEvtr9PZqf8XthRqHmHw7ekWz0dP9LLpz7XtRRcwMe",
  "webSystem": "WebSites"
From that output use the publishUrl, userName and userPWD to define these Zeus FTP connection details:

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      UserId: your_web_site\$your_web_site,
    Password: 2s5s67di5x6PX1E0cYJkEvtr9PZqf8XthRqHmHw7ekWz0dP9LLpz7XtRRcwMe
IMPORTANT: Make sure the delimiting of the '\' JSON character is done.
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Use the File, FTP, FTP Configuration menu to define a Zeus server connection for that srever.

With that configuration in place use the File, FTP, Open from FTP menu and in the resulting dialog enter in this url:

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Zeus will now connect to that server using those user and password details.

EXTRA DEBUGGING: To debug the FTP handshaking use the Options, Editor Options menu and in the General section turn on the Debug tools, macros and executables options.

Next use the Macros, Macro/Debug Output menu to open the debug output window.

Finally reconnect to the FTP site and the handshaking will be displayed in the debug output window.

More details can be found here: ... s?tabs=cli

Cheers Jussi