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Copy File to Remove Server

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 4:32 am
by jussij
1. Download the pscp.exe found here: ... atest.html

Place that executable in this folder:

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C:\Users\<Your User Id>\AppData\Local\Programs\Zeus\zGNU
From inside Zeus use the Tools, DOS Command Line menu to run this command:

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pscp  -h
That command should produce this output:

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PuTTY Secure Copy client
Release 0.74
Usage: pscp [options] [user@]host:source target
       pscp [options] source [source...] [user@]host:target
       pscp [options] -ls [user@]host:filespec
  -V        print version information and exit
  -pgpfp    print PGP key fingerprints and exit
  -p        preserve file attributes
  -q        quiet, don't show statistics
  -r        copy directories recursively
  -v        show verbose messages
  -load sessname  Load settings from saved session
  -P port   connect to specified port
  -l user   connect with specified username
  -pw passw login with specified password
  -1 -2     force use of particular SSH protocol version
  -4 -6     force use of IPv4 or IPv6
  -C        enable compression
  -i key    private key file for user authentication
  -noagent  disable use of Pageant
  -agent    enable use of Pageant
  -hostkey aa:bb:cc:...
            manually specify a host key (may be repeated)
  -batch    disable all interactive prompts
  -no-sanitise-stderr  don't strip control chars from standard error
  -proxycmd command
            use 'command' as local proxy
  -unsafe   allow server-side wildcards (DANGEROUS)
  -sftp     force use of SFTP protocol
  -scp      force use of SCP protocol
  -sshlog file
  -sshrawlog file
            log protocol details to a file
2. This utility can be used to save a file to a remote server using the following command line:

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pscp  file_name user@host:/path/to/whereyouwant/thefile
The following Zeus macro can be be used to save the current file to the remote server.

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--        Name: Save File to Remote Host
--    Language: Lua Macro
-- Description: This macro will uses the pscp.exe tool to copy the current file to a remote host.
--              Refer to the sections marked with NOTE: as these will need to be configured to suit.
--              The macro can be run direction on an active file using the Macros menu or it can also be bound
--              to a keyboard key combination an run using those keys.
--              Finally the macro can be defined as a trigger which means it will run any time a file is saved.
--              To configure this macro for all document types, use the Options, Default Document Type menu and
--              attach the macro to the "File Save Prefix" trigger option. (e.g.)
--                 Options|Default Document Type...|Triggers|File Save Prefix = $zud\zScript\pscp_exec.lua
--              With this setting in place the macro will be run for all documents with all file extensions.
--              To configure this macro, for a particular document type, use the Options, Trigger Options menu
--              and attach the macro to the "File Save Prefix" trigger option. (e.g.)
--                 Options|Trigger Options...|File Save Prefix = $zud\zScript\pscp_exec.lua
--              With this setting in place the macro will only run for file extensions defined in the General
--              section of the document type.

local utils = require "utils"

function key_macro()
   -- macro only works for read/write documents.
   if (is_read_only() == 1) or (is_document() == 0) then
        -- only complain if this is not a trigger
        if is_trigger() == 0 then
            message("This macro can only be used with a writable document.")

   -- NOTE: The user id and password for user athentication. Note that
   --       it's not a good idea to include the password in the script
   --       file. A much better option would be to use private/public
   --       keys for the authentication.
   local userid   = "userid"
   local password = "password"

   -- NOTE: The host address and target folder
   local host = ""
   local target_folder = "/test/"

   local arguments = ""

   -- NOTE: These options can be used to increase or decrease the debug output.
   --       arguments = arguments .. "-v" .. " "  -- increases the output
   arguments = arguments .. "-q -batch" .. " "    -- reduces the output

   -- NOTE: The are the other pscp.exe command line  options
   arguments = arguments .. "-scp -p" .. " "
   arguments = arguments .. "-pw " .. password .. " "
   arguments = arguments .. macro_tag("$F") .. " "
   arguments = arguments .. userid .. "@".. host .. ":"
   arguments = arguments .. target_folder;

   -- NOTE: Use debug flag to help debug the command line
   -- utils.DEBUG = 1

   local executable = "pscp.exe";
   local filename   = ""  -- NOTE: The filename is passed in as an argument above
   local directory  = macro_tag("$FDD")

   -- NOTE: The pscp.exe is run using a compiler output window which
   --       means it will only display an output window only if some
   --       output is produced.
   utils.run_compiler(executable, filename, directory, arguments, 2)

key_macro() -- run the macro
This macro can be bound to a keyboard key, the macros menu or used as a post file save trigger so the file is pushed to the server each time the file is saved.