Using Zeus with Prettier

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Using Zeus with Prettier

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Installing Prettier
To install Prettier run the following command from the command prompt:

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npm install --save-dev --save-exact prettier
Verify the install by running the following command:

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npx prettier --help
That command should produce the following output:

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Usage: prettier [options] [file/dir/glob ...]

By default, output is written to stdout.
Stdin is read if it is piped to Prettier and no files are given.

Output options:

  -c, --check              Check if the given files are formatted, print a human-friendly summary
                           message and paths to unformatted files (see also --list-different).
  -l, --list-different     Print the names of files that are different from Prettier's formatting (see also --check).
  -w, --write              Edit files in-place. (Beware!)

Format options:
Initializing Eslint
For Prettier to work it needs a project folder containing a package.json file.

The simplest way to do create this project structure is to npm using the following command:

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npm init
Using Prettier on File Save
Zeus can be configured to automatically run prettier each time the file is saved. To achieve this follow the
instructions found here: ... =10&t=8145

Using Prettier inside Zeus
Start Zeus and use the Options, Document Types menu to edit the JScript Document Type.

In the Compiler panel enter the following details:

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   Command Line: npx prettier --check "$fn"
  Errors Regex: \[error\]
Warnings Regex: \[warn\]

(o) Display on errors and warnings
Those settings should look like the screen shown below:
prettier-comp.png (34.04 KiB) Viewed 3830 times
NOTE: To use Prettier for TypeScript files just repeat the steps for the TypeScript Document Type.

In the project folder initialized earlier, create a test.js file shown below:
foo(reallyLongArg(), omgSoManyParameters(), IShouldRefactorThis(), isThereSeriouslyAnotherOne());[/code]

Now with test.js as the active file use the Compiler, Compile menu to run the linter.

That should result in the output shown below:
prettier-error.png (40.63 KiB) Viewed 3830 times
Using Prettier with the Write Option
If you change the command line described earlier to be the following:

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npx prettier --write "$fn"
Now when the Compiler, Compile menu is use the broken code will be automatically fixed and reloaded into the editor, replaced with the code shown below:

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More command line options can be found here:

Cheers Jussi
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