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Go Meta Linter Macro

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The Go Meta Linter runs a number of linting tools to statically check Go code for source for errors and warnings.

More information about the Go Meta Linter can be found here: https://github.com/alecthomas/gometalinter

To use that linter with Zeus do the following:

1) Download, build and install the Go code.

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go get github.com/alecthomas/gometalinter
2) Run the gometalinter install option.

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gometalinter --install
Installing structcheck -> go get github.com/opennota/check/cmd/structcheck
Installing vet -> go get golang.org/x/tools/cmd/vet
Installing deadcode -> go get github.com/remyoudompheng/go-misc/deadcode
Installing go-nyet -> go get github.com/barakmich/go-nyet
Installing golint -> go get github.com/golang/lint/golint
# github.com/golang/lint
..\..\golang\lint\lint.go:1401: assignment count mismatch: 3 = 2
gometalinter: error: failed to install golint: exit status 2
Installing errcheck -> go get github.com/alecthomas/errcheck
Installing varcheck -> go get github.com/opennota/check/cmd/varcheck
Installing gotype -> go get golang.org/x/tools/cmd/gotype
Installing defercheck -> go get github.com/opennota/check/cmd/defercheck
Installing gocyclo -> go get github.com/alecthomas/gocyclo
3) Save the code below to the zScript\go_metalint.lua file:

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--        Name: gometalinter Macro
--    Language: Lua Macro
-- Description: This macro will execute the gometalinter tool to check
--              the files in the current directory. To use this macro
--              open a file in the directory to be checked.
--    Project:  https://github.com/alecthomas/gometalinter
local utils = require "utils"

function key_macro()
  -- details about the active document
  local document, named, read_only, document_type = utils.document_details()

  if (document_type ~= "Go Document Type") or (document == 0) or (named == 0) then
    message("This macro only works with named Go documents.")

  -- the directory of the current document
  local dir = macro_tag("$fdd")

  message("Go is linting the code....")

  -- usage: gometalinter [<flags>] [<path>]
  -- Flags:
  --     --help             Show help.
  --     --fast             Only run fast linters.
  --     -i, --install      Attempt to install all known linters.
  --     -u, --update       Pass -u to go tool when installing.
  --     -D, --disable=LINTER
  --                        List of linters to disable.
  --     -d, --debug        Display messages for failed linters, etc.
  --     -j, --concurrency=16
  --                        Number of concurrent linters to run.
  --     --exclude=REGEXP   Exclude messages matching this regular expression.
  --     --cyclo-over="10"  Report functions with cyclomatic complexity over N (using gocyclo).
  --     --sort=none        Sort output by any of none, path, line, column, severity, message.
  --     --linter=NAME:COMMAND:PATTERN
  --                        Specify a linter.
  --     --message-overrides=LINTER:MESSAGE
  --                        Override message from linter. {message} will be expanded to the original message.
  --     --severity=LINTER:SEVERITY
  --                        Map of linter severities.
  --   Args:
  --     [<path>]  Directory to lint.
  local cmd_options = "--fast"

  -- build up the command
  local cmd = "gometalinter.exe " ..  cmd_options

  -- for debugging only
  --message_box(1, cmd, "Command Line")

  -- System Control Values
  --   1 - save the document before running the program
  --   2 - capture any standard output generated by the program
  --   4 - capture any standard error generated by the program
  --   8 - ask for additional arguments
  --  16 - the program will use the MS-DOS command interpreter (ie. dir *.* etc)
  --  32 - wait for the program to complete (the ESC key will cancel the wait)
  --  64 - run the program in a visible DOS session (otherwise runs hidden)
  -- 128 - capture output to a compler window (not the default tool window)
  -- Output Control Flags:
  --   0 - ALWAYS
  --   1 - NEVER
  --   2 - ERRORS
  --   3 - WARNINGS
  --   4 - ANYOUTPUT

  -- display the window if any errors are generated
  local ERRORS = 2

  -- run with 'save', 'capture output' and 'wait' and 'compiler' options
  local flags = 1+2+4+32+128

  local caption = "gometalinter: " .. dir

  if (system(cmd, dir, flags, caption, ERRORS) == 0) then
    message("The linting of the directory is: " .. dir)

key_macro() -- run the macro
4) Open the Run example\stutter.go file and run the macro above will result in the following output:

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stutter.go:8:1:warning: unusedGlobal is unused
stutter.go:12:1:warning: MyStruct is unused
stutter.go:16:1:warning: PublicUndocumented is unused
stutter.go:20:1:warning: duplicateDefer is unused
stutter.go:22::error: Repeating defer a.Close() inside function duplicateDefer
stutter.go:29::error: unreachable code
stutter.go:26::error: missing argument for Printf("%d"): format reads arg 1, have only 0 args
stutter.go:12:6:warning: exported type MyStruct should have comment or be unexported
stutter.go:16:6:warning: exported type PublicUndocumented should have comment or be unexported
Cheers Jussi
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