Intellisensing for the Java Language

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Intellisensing for the Java Language

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By using the Tags Database Builder utility it is possible to add intellisensing for the Java language.

The first step in this process is to build a Java SDK tags database as follows:
  1. Make sure you have the Java SDK installed
  2. Locate the found in the Java installation directory
  3. Create a src folder in the Java installation directory
  4. Extract the into the src folder
  5. Start Zeus any select the Tags, Database Builder menu
  6. Use the Browse button to locate the folder created in step 3
  7. Set the Tage Database Name to JDK-VX.X.X where X.X.X is the SDK version number
  8. Set the File Extensions to *.java
  9. Make sure the Recurse into sub-directories option is checked on.
  10. Press the Search button to locate the files to be added to the database
  11. Press the Build button to build the tags database
The tags database build process can take some time so be patient ;)

The final step is to attach the newly created tags database to a Java document type.

To do this edit the Java document type using the Options, Document Types menu and add the newly created Java tags database to the Tags Section of the document type.

If all has worked as expected, writing this code into a Java document:

Code: Select all

String test;
should result in Zeus provide intellisense for the String class.

Note: To go to the definition of String, place the cursor on the word and use the Tags, Find current word menu.

Note: To search for any Java definition use the Tags, Find... menu to bring up the Search Tag dialog.
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