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Running Acucorp COBOL Inside Zeus

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:37 am
by jussij
Below is a batch file to run the Acucorp COBOL from inside Zeus.

To ues this file:

1) Save the code below to ccobol.cmd to the Zeus folder

2) Use the Options, Document Types menu to edit the COBOL document type.

3) In the compiler section set the command line to be:

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ccobol.cmd $fn
4) In the compiler section set the errors regexp to be:

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line [0-9]+:
Here is the ccobol.cmd batch file code:

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@ECHO Batch Compile for Aramis 2000 version 10, ACU 2.3.
@ECHO Compilation results found in %1.err

REM Delete any previous error files
IF EXIST %1.err DEL %1.err

REM Zeus will have set the current directory to that of the file being compiled

REM Setup the COPYPATH for this file (change to suit)
SET COPYPATH=..\fd;..\cpy;\usr\aramis\sources\newfd;\usr\aramis\sources\cpy

REM Run the COBOL compiler (change to suit)
C:\ACUCBL43\ACUGT\bin\ccbl32  -v -Sx ACU4 -C23 -ZD23 -Crsh -Sar -o \u3\aramis\newobj\%1 -e %1.err %1.SRC

ECHO "Compilation Complete. " >> %1.err

REM Send the error file to Zeus
Type %1.err