Jacobe Java Code Beautifier

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Jacobe Java Code Beautifier

Post by jussij » Mon Nov 28, 2005 5:59 am

Jacobe is a configurable code beautifier for the JavaTM programming language (edition 1.5). It is also possible to let Jacobe print your Java code according to the widely used layout rules of Sun Microsystems or customize it to your own standards.

To use Jacobe form within Zeus you need to do the following:
  1. Download the Jacobe utility
  2. Unzip the Jacobe files to the Zeus installation directory
  3. To Test the installation use the Zeus Tools, Dos Command Line menu and type in Jacobe -?
  4. Edit the sun.cfg found in the Zeus install directory adding this information:
    // Use Windows CR/LF
    // -----------------
  5. Create a tool with this command line: jacobe --indent -cfg="$zdsun.cfg" -overwrite "$fn" and this working directory: $fdd
  6. Open a Java file for re-formatting and run newly created to tool
  7. IMPORTANT NOTE: This command line is using the overwrite option so be very careful. But the command will also creates a *.java.jacobe backup file just in case anything goes wrong with the formatting ;)
  8. For more help use the Zeus Tools, Dos Command Line menu and type in Jacobe -help

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