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List of C/C++ Compilers

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2005 12:55 am
by jussij
Here is a list of a few some C/C++ compilers available from the web:

The Digital Mars C/C++ compiler looks very nice: The Open Watcom C/C++ compiler can be found here: A GNU C/C++ compiler ported to MS-Windows can be found here: It will produces a Win32 executable that can be debugged using the windows version of the gdb debugger.

Here are two links to help with the MinGW setup:Another non commercial C compiler alternative is lcc-win32:
The Borland BCC Verison 5.5 C/C++ compiler is here:
Microsoft also offers C/C++ compiler for download (with restrictions) found here: NOTE: All of these compilers can be configured to work with the Zeus IDE.