Configuring Zeus to Use Perforce

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Configuring Zeus to Use Perforce

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To setup Zeus to use Perforce do the following:
  1. Download and installed Perforce package.
  2. Download and installed the Perforce P4SCC package.
  3. Created a D:\PerforceTest folder and populated it with some C source files.
  4. Created a Perforce client spec to point to the D:\PerforceTest folder as per the Perforce documentation.
  5. Add the source files to the Perforce //depot using that client spec.
  6. Created a Zeus workspace for the D:\PerforceTest folder and add the source files to the workspace.
  7. Use the Workspace Options menu and in the Source Control panel click on the Run Setup Utility button.
  8. Select the Perforce SCM item and hit the Query button.

  9. Check the Perforce user connection details and client workspace details and hit the Ok button.

  10. In the resulting Perforce project depot dialog select the project node location and hit the Ok button.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Take note of the Project Path for the node selected as it will be needed in a later step.
  11. IMPORTANT: Close the Version Control Setup using the Exit button.
  12. The Zeus workspace should now be populated with the require Perforce SCM information.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the Project Path from the earlier step is the same as the value in the Local Path entry field.

  13. Apply the changes
With the Workspace now configured the Zeus source control menus can now be used to interact with the Perforce source control database.

For example you can check files in and out files, view their history or show their differences.

The Perforce file difference does not support the SCC case and whitespace difference options. For this reason make sure these two options are uncheck in the Workspace, Source Control Options menu Source Control panel.

Cheers Jussi
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