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Source Code to HTML Utility

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 3:31 am
by jussij
The Web C Plus Plus utility converts source code into HTML using a fully customizable syntax highlighting engine and colour schemes.

Here is the download link:

These are the languages currently supported:
Ada95 *.adb,*.ads,*.ali
Assembler *.asm,*.s
Basic *.bas
C Source *.c,*.rc
C# *.cs
C++ Source *.cc,*.cpp,*.cxx
C/C++ Header *.h,*.hh,*.hpp,*.hxx
Objective-C *.m
Cg (NVidia) *.cg
CLIPS (Nasa) *.clp
Fortran *.f,*.f77,*.f90,*.for,*.ftn
Java *.java
Haskell *.hs,*.lhs
Markup *.htm,*.html,*.shtml,*.sgml,*.xml
Modula2 *.def,*.mod
Pascal *.pas
Perl Script *.cgi,*.pl,*.plx,*.plex,*.pm
PHP Script *.inc,*.php,*.php3
Python Script *.py,*.pyw
RenderMan *.rib,*.sl
Ruby *.rb
SQL *.sql
Tcl *.tcl,*.tk
UnrealScript *.uc
Unix shell *.sh
Here is a Java Script based syntax highlighter: