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Search / Search'n'Replace in marked text

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I apologize if this has already been brought up but I was wondering if there was a reason why, when there is marked text and the Search or Search'n'Replace dialog boxes come up (F5 or F6 by default for the Brief text editor mode), the "Marked Text Only" radio button isn't pre-selected? It would seem to me that if I *have* marked text, and *then* want to do a search'n'replace (less so on the straight search) that I would want to do it *only* in the marked area.

Alan Stewart
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Post by jussij »

Hi Alan,

The reason is the the F5 key is bound to the SearchForward keyboard function and the automatically select the marked area option is only part of the SearchWordCurrent keyboard function.

For example if you use the Edit, Find menu it will do exactly this, only because the menu calls the SearchWordCurrent keyboard function.

So to fix this just re-bind the keyboard to use the SearchWordCurrent function.

Cheers Jussi
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