Search Next not working when search dialog has focus

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Search Next not working when search dialog has focus

Post by martinlooker » Mon Oct 31, 2005 11:20 am

I often (try) to do the following.

Press F5 to bring up search box.
Type in string to search for (Edit line gets focus).
Press Enter to search.

So far so good the first item is then found.

Press Shift-F5 to search for next.

This doesn't work.

I have to move focus to the main window - using the mouse - to allow my search next key to work. (Edit: I find I can use Esc to close the window, maybe my fingers will have to get used to adding an extra Esc after the Enter.)

It would be nice if the Search Next keystroke was respected when the search dialog is open, or if the dialog were closed when enter pressed.

I assume this also affects Search Previous and possibly find and replace options too.

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Post by jussij » Wed Nov 02, 2005 3:20 am

The dialog boxes in Zeus are pretty much standard Windows dialog boxes and as such when they have input focus they behave just like any other dialog box in any other Windows application.

For example, if the Find dialog has focus Alt+W will turn on the Match whole word option, while Alt+N will send the focus to the find text edit field. This is all standard Windows behaviour.

When any Zeus dialog box has input focus, Windows is left to manage the keyboard input and at this time there are no plans to try to override this standard Windows behaviour.

Cheers Jussi

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