Reg.Net unhelpful

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Reg.Net unhelpful

Post by TonyMc » Sat Jan 27, 2007 9:43 pm


back in December I upgraded to Zeus 3.95. Shortly thereafter the new 3.96 was released. When I try the Zeus upgrade from the purchase link I see a table which informs me that I should be eligible to the upgrade for $10.00. However, when I enter my invoice no. and email address, Reg.Net send me a link to a page that asks me to pay $25.00 for the upgrade. I have emailed Reg.Net to tell them about this and I simply got an automated response (at least I hope it was automated, I hope no human being would ignore the content of the email like that) sending me the registration code for version 3.95. I emailed back askinf for a more intelligent response (and I was nice about it) but have had no further response. I would like to upgrade but I am not willing to pay another $25.00, so I hope that Jussi can sort this out. I am only posting on the public forum because I am wondering if others are having the same difficulty. I guess it would only be a problem for those who purchased Zeus or an upgrade since December 13th.


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Post by jussij » Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:11 am

Hi Tony,

I not exactly sure on how the RegNet system works but I suspect is not that smart and shows the single $25-00 upgrade price (i.e. because there is only one upgrade page). But I am pretty sure the system will still charge the correct $10-00 upgrade price. So what I would suggest is proceeding with the upgrade.

Once the upgrade is processed RegNet should send you an e-mail with the exact amount charged, so if you find this is not the correct $10-00 amount, just send an e-mail to sales at zeusedit dot com and I will make sure RegNet adjust the order to the correct amount.

Cheers Jussi

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