Big text file > 1.6 GB

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Big text file > 1.6 GB

Post by paelzer »

I have to check a textfile with 1,644,424 KB
By open the file with ZEUS i reeived the error:

Runtime Error!
Program---- zeus.exe
This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in a unusal way.

System is windows 8.1 / 64Bit

Can i do anything?
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Post by jussij »

Can i do anything?
Unfortunately not :(

Zeus is a programmer's editor and not a big file editor.

So while Zeus should work with files in the 100 MBytes size, the file you are trying to open is just too big :(

To open these massively large files requires an editor specifically designed to open extra large files. An on disk big file editor.

As an in memory editor, Zeus was never designed for these massively large files :(

Cheers Jussi
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