intellisense problems

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intellisense problems

Post by k10ck3r » Tue Dec 14, 2004 11:48 pm

1) Can't call up static class members
(ie: "myObjectInstance->" and "myObjectInstance." work fine BUT
"Object:: " doesn't work - I would expect a list of the class' static
data members and methods)
2) Can't handle overloaded methods
Only brings up one of them. In some cases, just the first one.
In other cases, only the last one.
Would like to see a list of all possible options.

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Post by jussij » Thu Dec 16, 2004 1:52 am

1) Can't call up static class members

This is definitley a problem with the intellisensing that will be fixed in the next release.
2) Can't handle overloaded methods.

This issue is more difficult to address as it is dependent on the information produced by the ctags program. There are instances where ctags does not produce the required inheritance information and this impacts on what can and can not be displayed by intellisensing. As an example, the intellisensing of structures bug shows how the intellisensing feature depends greatly on the information contained in the tag file.

But having said this, the class browser, intellisensing features are still very new to Zeus. There are lots of things missing and things that can be done better, so with time these features should definitely improve :)

Cheers Jussi

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