Right click context menu items greyed (and scrolling)

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David Morris
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Right click context menu items greyed (and scrolling)

Post by David Morris » Wed May 24, 2006 2:47 am


Two quite minor bugs.

Greyed Menu items: Firstly when right clicking in a text edit window the context menu seems occasionally to have items that are in appropriately greyed. I won't give the whole list of items greyed, but they include: 'Open include file", Cut, copy and paste (in other words the ones I basically use).

I can't reproduce this all the time. However it seems to happen when:

I have Zeus open normally or full screen in one monitor, have many other applications open. If, for example, I click in say Notepad, and then minimise Notepad, sometimes (in fact often), if I click back into Zeus the menu items are greyed. To fix I click on a file in the work space, and the menu is restored.

This problem existed in 3.95t and is current in 3.95v.

This is really minor, and doesn't really bother me, but I thought I would mention it in case masks some other problem. Scrolling down in a text window in 3.95v 'seems' to be slower than before. When I looked closely, I noticed that when at the bottom of the window with more to scroll into view, 'cursor down' scrolls the window two lines and moves the cursor down 1 line. Holding the cursor down for a repeated effect makes the screen look jumpy, which is probably why I perceive it as slower. Almost and aesthetic rather than a bug.

I have one more issue, sometimes being unable to open results in 'Searching in files', but I'll wait till I can repeat it. Otherwise Zeus is going great guns and is now the main coding platform for MonTel et al. Keep up the great work!

Regards DM

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