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File Buffer Corruption

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2006 7:28 am
by Michael Nelson
I've encountered a rather severe error on several occasions that probably needs some investigation. I've been reluctant to report it because I haven't been able to reproduce it reliably. It's happening enough though, that I'll do my best to describe it and hope for the best.

The boring workstation details:

Dell Precision PWS670
Intel Xeon 2.80 GHz
1GB Ram
Windows XP Professions (Version 2002, Service Pack 2)

Initially I had Zeus v3.95p, but recently upgraded to v3.95t. I've experienced the error in both versions.

Usage details, for what it's worh:

I run Zeus in Brief emulation mode, no toolbar, no scrollbars, full sized windows. I generally have 10-15 files open at once and bounce around them alot with ALT-B and ALT-N (ie., the Documents List and NextDocument Buffer commands).

Now the interesting stuff:

The problem occurs when I have a source file open in Zeus and Visual Studio 2003 simultaneously. Occasionally when I bounce over to VS.NET, make a change (Intellisense is a handy beastie), save it, then bounce back to Zeus, the active edit buffer gets wiped, and the Zeus reports an error. This occurs after I respond "yes" when the editor has recognized that the on disk file has changed and asked to reload it. As part of the error Zeus suggests that I save all my work and restart the program. Of course, I can't or it would wipe my file on disc (although I did it once out of habit), so I dismiss the dialog and exit Zeus without saving.

Zeus restarts just fine.

As I stated upfront, the error is not reliably repeatable. As I have 1GB RAM in my workstation, I don't think it's a low memory problem (though I am open to that possibility). I suppose it could be some sort of caching problem, but the files that I am editing are not terribly large. They are ASPX code-behind files that top out at something around a couple of thousand lines. In fact, the last time it happened, the victimized file was a mear 861 lines long. All my buffers in that session totalled to somewhere about 8000 lines (in 12 files)

I'm sorry that I cannot be more specific., but maybe I've provided enough information to generate a lead.

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2006 9:51 pm
by jussij
Hi Michael,

From what you describe it does look like something is going wrong with the file reloading, but being an intermediate error it will be more difficult to track down :(

Could you please send the ZeusErr.log and ZeusErr.dmp files (located in the Zeus install directory) to, putting the word Zeus in the e-mail subject line.

If the problem re-occurs could you also re-submit both files.

With a bit of luck these dump files will help locate the error ;)

Cheers Jussi