Bug with xtags for D

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Bug with xtags for D

Post by Guest » Tue Apr 19, 2005 12:07 am

Hi, I'm trying out your IDE for the D language and I spotted the following bug in tag generation. It seems the tag generator cannot read function prototypes as well as reading classes, interfaces, enums, and variables inside blocks. Look at the following:

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module audiere;
private import std.c.windows.com;

extern (Windows)
interface RefCounted
   void ref();                // int
   void unref();              // int

interface File: RefCounted, IUnknown
  int read(int pbuffer, int size);      // int
  bool seek(int position, int SeekMode);  // bool
  int tell();                       // int

interface SampleBuffer: RefCounted, IUnknown
  void getFormat(int channel_count,int sample_rate,int lsample_format);  // void
  int getLength();                                               // int
  int getSamples();                                              // int
  SampleSource openStream();                                              // pSampleSource

interface SampleSource: RefCounted, IUnknown
  void getFormat(int v,int v);      // void
  int Read(int v, int v);          // int
  void reset();                       // void
  bool isSeekable();                  // bool
  int getLength();                   // int
  void setPosition(int v);           // void
  int getPosition();                 // int
  bool getRepeat();                   // bool
  void setRepeat(int v);             // void

interface LoopPointSource: SampleSource, IUnknown
  void addLoopPoint(int location,int target, int loopCount);             // void
  void removeLoopPoint(int index);                                  // void
  int getLoopPointCount();                                       // int
  bool getLoopPoint(int index,int plocation,int ptarget,int ploopCount);  // bool

interface OutputStream: RefCounted, IUnknown
  bool play();
  bool stop();                 // bool
  bool isPlaying();            // bool
  void reset();                // void
  void setRepeat(int v);      // void
  bool getRepeat();            // bool
  void setVolume(float v);     // void
  float getVolume();            // float
  void setPan(float v);        // void
  float getPan();               // float
  void setPitchShift(float v); // void
  float getPitchShift();        // float
  bool isSeekable();           // bool
  int getLength();            // int
  void setPosition(int v);     // void
  int getPosition();          // int

interface AudioDevice: RefCounted, IUnknown
  void update();                               // void
  OutputStream openStream(SampleSource pSampleSource);            // pAudOutputStream
  OutputStream openBuffer(void* pSamples,int frame_count,int channel_count,int sample_rate,int sample_format);// pAudOutputStream
  char* getName();                              // char.l

interface SoundEffect: RefCounted, IUnknown
  void play();                          // void
  void stop();                          // void
  void setVolume(float volume);             // void
  float getVolume();                     // float
  void setPan(float pan);                   // void
  float getPan();                        // float
  void setPitchShift(float shift);          // void
  float getPitchShift();                 // float
}//End of extern(Windows)

enum SampleFormat
  SF_U8,      // unsigned 8-bit integer [0,255]
  SF_S16     // signed 16-bit integer in host endianness [-32768,32767]

enum FileFormat

enum SoundEffectType

enum SeekMode

char* AdrGetVersion();
alias AdrGetVersion GetVersion;
     * Returns a formatted string that lists the file formats that Audiere
     * supports.  This function is DLL-safe.
     * It is formatted in the following way:
     * description1:ext1,ext2,ext3;description2:ext1,ext2,ext3
char* AdrGetSupportedFileFormats();
alias AdrGetSupportedFileFormats GetSupportedFileFormats;

     * Returns a formatted string that lists the audio devices Audiere
     * supports.  This function is DLL-safe.
     * It is formatted in the following way:
     * name1:description1;name2:description2;...
char* AdrGetSupportedAudioDevices();
alias AdrGetSupportedAudioDevices GetSupportedAudioDevices;

int AdrGetSampleSize(SampleFormat format);
alias AdrGetSampleSize GetSampleSize;

AudioDevice AdrOpenDevice(char* name = null, char* parameters = null);
alias AdrOpenDevice OpenDevice;

SampleSource AdrOpenSampleSource(char* filename, FileFormat file_format);
alias AdrOpenSampleSource OpenSampleSource;

SampleSource AdrOpenSampleSourceFromFile(File file, FileFormat file_format);
alias AdrOpenSampleSourceFromFile OpenSampleSourceFromFile;

SampleSource AdrCreateTone(double frequency);
alias AdrCreateTone CreateTone;

SampleSource AdrCreateSquareWave(double frequency);
alias AdrCreateSquareWave CreateSquareWave;

SampleSource AdrCreateWhiteNoise();
alias AdrCreateWhiteNoise CreateWhiteNoise;

SampleSource AdrCreatePinkNoise();
alias AdrCreatePinkNoise CreatePinkNoise;

LoopPointSource AdrCreateLoopPointSource(SampleSource source);
alias AdrCreateLoopPointSource CreateLoopPointSource;

OutputStream AdrOpenSound(AudioDevice device, SampleSource source, bool streaming);
alias AdrOpenSound OpenSound;

SampleBuffer AdrCreateSampleBuffer(void* samples, int frame_count, int channel_count,
      int sample_rate,
      SampleFormat sample_format);
alias AdrCreateSampleBuffer CreateSampleBuffer;

SampleBuffer AdrCreateSampleBufferFromSource(SampleSource source);
alias AdrCreateSampleBufferFromSource CreateSampleBufferFromSource;

SoundEffect AdrOpenSoundEffect(AudioDevice device, SampleSource source, SoundEffectType type);
alias AdrOpenSoundEffect OpenSoundEffect;

File AdrOpenFile(char* name, bool writeable);
alias AdrOpenFile OpenFile;

File AdrCreateMemoryFile(void* buffer, int size);
alias AdrCreateMemoryFile CreateMemoryFile;
}//End extern(Windows)

It will not read the interfaces inside of the extern(Windows) block as well as the function prototypes regardless of them being inside blocks or not.


Post by Guest » Sun Apr 24, 2005 3:41 pm

Hey, it fixes the prototypes bug but now it doesn't show any interfaces, even the ones outside of the code block. That was a quick response though for the fix. Thanks.

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Post by jussij » Mon Oct 31, 2005 4:50 am

The Exuberant Ctags utility has been modified to fix these issues with the D language. The code changes made to the ctags 5.5.4 source code base can be downloaded from here:


The compiled ctags excutable in include as part of the Zeus Version 3.95p installation.

Cheers Jussi

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