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Document Types - Coloring - Italics

Post by djsykora »

When I select the italics option in Coloring the underscore characters, "_", all disapear. I tried this on my custom document type for VHDL and also the default docuemnt type. Is there a work around for this, other than don't use italics?
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Post by jcso01 »

Probably changing the font, because some font less visibility in italcis

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Post by jussij »

JcSO is 100% correct as this is a fonts related issue.

Zeus by design can only use mono-spaced fonts which basically means it is coded to assume all characters of that font are all the same size. But unfortunately it appears that some font creators seem to have a different definition of monospaced when it comes to italic fonts. For reasons only know to them, they create the italic version of the '_' character taller than the non-italic version.

What this means is that for the italic '_' character the line below will overwrite this character makeing it disappear. What is worse is that if Zeus is change to assume all characters are the height of the italic font things are no better. In this case, because the non italic fonts are not in fact the height of their itallic version, when these fonts are painted by Windows all that happens is a gap is left on the screen.

To fix this problem you need to try a different font. For example the Micrsoft Courier New font has this problem while the Courier font does not.


Post by Guest »

Below are some links to monospaced programming fonts: I tested the Luxi, Monaco, Raize and ProFonts fonts and they all fix the itallic font display problem described earlier :)

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