The workspace close the tree if is hidding

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The workspace close the tree if is hidding

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Hello there:

I don't know if this is a bug, but if i have visible the workspace, open some folders in the workspace view o classes, after that i toogle de navigator (hidding that) if i toggle again the tree is closed and i have find (again) the folder which i using.


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I am not sure if this can be fixed. The reason is when the navigator is hidden the navigator is destroyed and Zeus does not even bother trying to updating the navigator panels. It makes sense to do this because for those that do not use the navigator it means Zeus is not slowed down by un-necessary navigator updates.

So when the navigator is re-opened it needs to be reloaded and this is why it looses its current folder settings :(

But I think what can be done is adding in a feature to fold away the navigator, similar to how the bookmarks work in the Netscape browser. This would mean the navigator is not so much destroyed but rather it would be minimized and this should mean the current folder settings will be maintained :)

I will add this feature to the todo list.

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