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Word Auto Complete function query

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 9:36 am
by alexalex
Hi Jussi,

I encountered with a problem during auto word completion, while having 2 parameters with the same name (same string), but with different case, the auto word complete function return only one option, I would be glad to have the both options, since I am coding verilog HDL, which is a case sensitive language.


Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 11:08 pm
by jussij
Hi AlexM,

Thanks for the bug report. This should be very easy to fix so look for this to be in the next Zeus patch.

Cheers Jussi
PS: There will probably be a new Zeus patch by the end of this month.

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 7:51 am
by alexalex
10x a lot :D

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2007 12:59 am
by jussij
The latest Zeus 3.96i patch adds these new features and can be found here:

Cheers Jussi