Keep locks on commit

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Keep locks on commit

Post by TimoS »

Hi Jussi,
I'm working in a small team with IBM Rhapsody. As we do not commit ordinary source code, instead we commit Rhapsody model files, our "code base" is not mergable by SVN. That's why our workflow is heavily based on SVNs lock feature. Normally I'm working on some specific files and I do not want to lose the lock during an intermediate commit. That's why I would like to see another check box "Keep locks on commit", which could be located in AgentSVNs configuration dialog - ideally next to the already existing check box "Lock files on check out".
Would that be possible?

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Re: Keep locks on commit

Post by jussij »

That's why I would like to see another check box "Keep locks on commit",
Would that be possible?
Unfortunately the Microsoft MS-SCCI only offers two choices.

The first option is to lock the file on check out and unlock the file on check-in.

The second option is to not apply any file lock and assume the file can be merged on check in.

Agent SVN support both of these options, but as per the MS-SCCI, it is either one or the other but definitely not both.
That's why I would like to see another check box "Keep locks on commit"
From the specification of the MS-SCCI there should already be a similar option being the keep file checked out option.

That option will check the file in and then also check the file out, hence updating the repository with a check in while also keeping the file checked out and locked.

So if your IDE does not support that option then you really need to talk to your IDE provider as they are not implementing the full MS-SCCI specification.

Cheers Jussi
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