File Search and Replace

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File Search and Replace

Post by jussij »

The following Zeus Python macro will do a regular expression search and replace operation over the entire contents of a text file.

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import re
import os.path
import zeus

# Python Help:

def file_text_replace(input_file_name, find_text, replace_text):

    # read the entire fileinto memory
    file_data = open(input_file_name).read()

    if, file_data):
        backup_file_name = input_file_name + ".bak"

        if os.path.exists(backup_file_name):

        os.rename(input_file_name, backup_file_name)

        o = open(input_file_name, "w")

        o.write(re.sub(find_text, replace_text, file_data))
        return 1

    return 0

def key_macro():
    # ask for a user provide the alignment character
    find_text, replace_text = zeus.user_input("Find:", "", "Replace:", "")

    if (len(find_text) > 0) and (len(replace_text) > 0):
        # make sure this file exists
        input_file_name = "c:\\temp\\test.txt"

        # helpful for debugging
        #zeus.message_box(0, "input_file_name: '" + input_file_name + "'\nfind_text: '" + find_text + "'\nreplace_text: '" + replace_text + "'")

        # do the search and replace
        # c:\\temp\\test.txt.bak
        if file_text_replace(input_file_name, find_text, replace_text) > 0:
            zeus.message("The changes where made to the '" + input_file_name + "' file.")
            zeus.message("The find text '" + find_text + "' was not found in the'" + input_file_name + "' file.")

        zeus.message("Operation cancelled by user.")

key_macro() # run the macro
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