Workspace Projects Builder Script

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Workspace Projects Builder Script

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Something I use to create a Zeus Workspace that has multiple "projects" that are actually the same project that is sync'd to a different changelist - basically each project is a different clientspec (to use perforce nomenclature). This script also helps if you need to create a project that has a filespec that is a much smaller subset of the total files available (Zeus Workspace Builder wasn't great for this, but with 3.97t it might be a lot better).

Note that you need to edit the script for your particular path/client setup.

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# ZeusCreateProject
# Purpose: create workspace file from a list of directories.
# This script is helpful IF you have a large amount of source
# directories and you only want a small subset of those directories.
# Zeus itself provides the WorkSpace Builder which does a good job, but
# it can be tedious to remove a lot of directories it finds.
# To use this script you must provide a list of directories - see the
# EDIT section below.  Note this script will add sub-directories of
# the directory list.
# After this script completes, open Zeus and open the Workspace file you created.
# It may take a long time to load as Zeus will create a tags database for the WorkSpace.
# Within the WorkSpace project, the files will be organized by directory,
# making source file browsing similiar to browsing a dir tree.
import glob, os, sys
from xml.dom.minidom import Document

if not len(sys.argv) == 2:
    print("Usage: ZeusCreateProject workSpaceName")

# !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# ===========================================================================
# List your clients:
#           p4 client : path
clients = { "p4"      : "e:\\p4",
            "p41"     : "e:\\p41",

# list common paths of interest - exclude the client prefix path
dirCommonStr = "\\depot\\"  # common prefix for paths in dirPath

# list the directories to include in the project (all files are taken)
# (remove the dirCommonStr common part)
dirPath = [ "src\\common",
# dir path = clients[ <p4Client> ] + dirCommonStr + dirPath[ i ]
# End of User Edit
# ===========================================================================
# !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

def makenode(path):
    "Return a document node contains a directory tree for the path."
    node = doc.createElement('Folder')
    node.setAttribute('name', path)
    for f in os.listdir(path):
        fullname = os.path.join(path, f)
        if os.path.isdir(fullname):
            elem = makenode(fullname)
            elem = doc.createElement('file')
            ee1 = doc.createTextNode( fullname )
            #elem.appendChild( e )
            #elem = doc.createElement('file')
            #elem.setAttribute('name', fullname)
    return node

workSpaceName = sys.argv[1]

for client in clients.keys():
    i = 0
    for line in dirPath:  # line = directory path
        istr = "_%s_%d" % (client, i)
        i += 1
        line = clients[client] + dirCommonStr + line
        print line+"\n"
        file_FileList = open(client+istr+".xlst", "w")
        doc = Document()
        doc.writexml(file_FileList, addindent=' ', newl='\n')

# create the final files list file
i = 0
for client in clients.keys():
    outFile = open(client+".zlst", "w")
    i = inSubFolder = 0
    outFile.write('<Project name="%s" sorted="Yes">\n' % client)
    for line in dirPath:  # line = directory path
        istr = "_%s_%d" % (client, i)
        i += 1
        file_FileList = open(client+istr+".xlst", "r")
        inSubFolder = 0
        for ll in file_FileList:
            # next we will chop some of the redundancy out of the folder names
            if ll.find("</Folder>") >= 0:
                inSubFolder -= 1
                if inSubFolder < 0:
                    inSubFolder = 0
            if ll.find("Folder name") >= 0:
                inSubFolder += 1
                ll = ll.replace( clients[client]+dirCommonStr, "...")
                # subfolders only have last directory entry
                if inSubFolder >=2:
                    ll = ll[:ll.index("=")+2] + ll[ll.rindex("\\")+1:]
            # delete these lines
            if not ll.find("?xml version") > 0:
                outFile.write( ll )

activeSet = False
#now create the workspace file
fWorkSpace = open(workSpaceName+".zwi", "w")
fWorkSpace.write('<!-- Workspace file for the Zeus for Windows IDE - -->\n')
fWorkSpace.write('<Workspace name="%s" sorted="Yes">\n' % workSpaceName)
fWorkSpace.write('    <Mode>Debug</Mode>\n')
for client in clients.keys():
    if not activeSet:
        fWorkSpace.write('    <Active>%s</Active>\n' % client)
        activeSet = True
    fWorkSpace.write('    <Project name="%s">%s</Project>\n' % (client,client+".zlst")  )

#remove all the temp files
for client in clients.keys():
   i = 0
   for line in dirPath:  # line = directory path
       istr = "_%s_%d" % (client, i)
       i += 1

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